Competition matters

Our activity covers the preparation of our clients to competition law related questions. We participate in developing internal procedures and policies to ensure compliance with such regulations (e.g. rules of keeping contact with competitors, regulations of purchase process etc.).

We provide regular trainings on compliance matters, and we train the client’s staff for handling competition authority investigations. Because competition law is a major area for “dawn raid” inspections, we organize special trainings for the “first line of defense”.

We perform general counseling in competition matters and – during commercial transactions – we ensure compliance with relevant competition regulations, such as prohibition of abuse of dominant position, exclusivity clauses, market division etc.). We represent our clients in competition authority proceedings and following court procedures.

We provide legal guidance related to competition implications of specific activities of our client (e.g. prohibition of cartels, block exemption).

Our clients also use our legal support in public procurement procedures, both on purchaser and sales side.