Value Added and Supplementary services

We cooperate in working out internal procedures and policies for the support of operation of our clients (for example contracting process, approval procedure, business communication, data privacy, HR processes, security process, company property use policy etc.). We are monitoring the legal background governing the activity of our clients and provide summaries on any new or modified statutory regulations.

To promote cost-efficiency of the legal support of the companies, we work out model agreements (such as model purchase agreement, consignment stock agreement, distribution agreement, manpower agency agreements etc.) and processes for the application of those. We work out contracting terms that can be applied for specific types of transactions (general terms) and provide training for the employees of the client who use such model agreements. This way – according to our experience – legal risk and legal cost can be reduced with a significant degree.

We undertake to work out document management system of the clients in compliance with the document retention provisions and the client’s internal regulations and policies. We work together with the IT team in digitization of the document management processes. We maintain and update the physical and the electronic register of the documents.